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Quality genuine leather handbag handsewn in Slovakia.

About Sabma

SABMA is characteristic in three features: PLAINNESS, INTELLIGENCE and FEELING OF ATTRACTION. SABMA was created with only one intention: Intention to fulfill the needs of WOMAN. In this reason were gradually created 3 types of SABMA:



To achieve harmony is hard enough. To get rid of excessive elements. To create beauty within simplicity... Handbags of nowdays are often excessively embroidered, exaggerated in design... Created to impress at any cost. That is why we have created SABMA, simple and beautiful. Free to be combined with styles of each of us. It emphasizes charm of feminity, not otherwise. That's why we created SABMA. To let woman's beauty blossom, spicing it with gentle smile instead of unpersonalized but attention-seeking accesory. SABMA is here to give a choice, add simpicity to wide rank of embroidery. So we women have more opportunities to feel honestly beautiful.



"For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides. For others they are no more than little lights in the sky." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince Three years ago I met the man. During the one unexpectedly lucky course of events couple of people including me were sitting in a café. Although the topic was serious, in the air I sensed something hard to grasp, but pleasant. The mentioned man, now a good friend, unexpectedly put in front of me a cup of cappuccino topped off with a heart picture. That heart materialized positive energy of the moment. I have almost forgotten it, but a few days ago, again so selflessly, he stood before me once again with a cup of coffee with the heart on it. Our common, difficult year effort produced its first positive results. It is good when we could see the guidance in the stars, and the same goes with SABMA. You feel it, it modifies due to your needs. No matter if you need to také just a few things, important documents or your small computer. SABMA is simply intelligent.



She timidly looked at him and then away. Her heart was pounding violently. She felt a slight dizziness. It was just a tiny fraction of a second. If otherwise, she would have stayed looking into his eyes for eternity. If she have not flinched, if she have not braken the eye contact, they would have ended up in the castle tonight, lying in the bed with a canopy and making love... But she looked away, because she is an accomplished lady who knows when to let herself to be overpowered, and when not to. In respect of her own self. The feeling of enchantment is very pleasant. Love at first sight. But even that has many shades. So has the woman, who, with this inner instinct, selects her friends, clothes, books, creates a home. The purest sense of attraction is felt by a woman when with her baby. And SABMA is preciesly for that women, who by looking at her feels that familiar feeling. The feeling of attraction.



Beautiful, milky mist round. Divine silence. The only thing she senses is a gentle breeze caressing her cheeks. Slowly she starts to relax, breathe... Mist disappears, her face brightens with the satisfied smile. She is full of energy and with the knowledge of that she looks forward to the beautiful though busy day, to the new experiences it may brings. It will possibly brings. Over the shoulder HER WHITE SABMA. White is clean and elegant. Noble, unique, beautiful, white is willing to be combined with a feminine charm. White is for the woman happy with herself, who does not need to perform, to seek attention. Woman aware of her values, her beauty and her wisdom. She does not play a man's role, she does not act strong when she does not feel so, she has feelings and can express them. She is soft and seductive. She identifies herself with her feminity. And white SABMA? It only underlines her full beauty, inner and outer combined.


WHITE Variations

... Because SABMA is not only elegant white. It's inside's colour varies, as vary individualities of women. There are available nine colours of SABMA interior. They are similar and yet so different. Which colour is hidden inside is known only to it's owner herself.


GREEN SABMA – Tenderness of woman

Spring comes after winter. Nature wakes up, first rays of sunshine heat up the earth. it sprouts vegetation. First flowers blossom out... 
We women are able to appreciate these moments. For the fraction of second we stop, breath in and fully feel out that magic. Magic of new beginnings.  Tenderness of woman is natural for each of us. Samely as the love of flowers...
Together, they create the base; inspiration for creating Green Sabma.


BLUE SABMA - Dreams of woman

Dreaming. Some of us encounter it, others don't. We seek, dream, crave, and suddently, the reality is brought back to us. Blue Sabma represents materialisation of the most beautiful dreams. No matter what we thrive on; work, kids, friendships, sport... It symbolizes the greatests moments of life. Abreaction after lovemaking, sea soap on your feet, fingers entangled with the grains of sand, salty air in the hair...


DARK BLUE SABMA - love of the woman

She heard the whisper of angel wings
spreading around her 
feather by feather
exactly as she and he
made in heaven


RED SABMA - Power of woman

"I am neither good nor bad"
Gabrielle Chanel

Inner life of woman has various shades, outer one various colours. In the nature of woman is willingness to reach perfection, effort to please, to be accepted. ... because we are thriving on love. That's why we compromise, detain our needs, hold up our desires. We make up many reason, excuses, why... We try to react positive, gently, calmly. I am absolutely sure, it's not right thing to do. Every woman is responsible of herself and weaker ones. Woman has to fulfill her needs and desires. Woman has to react on upcoming life tasks seemly; show the wrongdoers her "claws", reward politeness with smile. Red Sabma is made for women, who are able to know these situations apart and use right amount of her female strength.


GREY SABMA - Endurance of woman

Every one of us endure, follow our life path. Not only to randomly persist, but to create something meaningful. Thanks to endurance we have strength, when storm comes and destroys everything, to rebuild anew. Endurance of woman is our ability to overcome the obstacles and live fully the variety of periods brought upon us. Powered by real desire, limitless perseverance of heart with no boundaries. That is the type of endurance celebrated by GREY SABMA.


BROWN SABMA - Earth of Woman

I'm walking through the meadow 
Surrounded by clover 
Crickets competitively chirping song of love;
Who is better?
Grass saturated with water 
Puddles after storm soak the earth
And my feet 
Brown pieces of soil
Swirling in river
Are carried away to unknown 
And so am I.


DARK BROWN SABMA - Two worlds of woman

A tinge of mixing tastes, pink petals of meadow flowers and glint of crystals in magical cave. Here the deep breath of the underworld suddenly turns into meadow scents. Midnight moon playing the tricks of light, night's secret veiled in dawn, earth heated by sunbeams. And woman, woman joyfully dancing between them.


BLACK SABMA – Luxurious seduction

If you are interested in handmade production of BLACK SABMA, please write us why would you like to own one...

Men, who want to give BLACK SABMA to the woman of yours, we would be thrilled to know the reason...


SABMA fun - Playfulness of woman

Catching smile
caught his eye
or flame
Soul play
whirling dance
so immense
the present

SABMA fun - smaller, more elegant, timeless version of SABMA work.
SABMA work: 42 x 28 x 8 cm; 16,5” x 11” x 3”
SABMA fun: 33 x 22 x 6 cm; 13” x 8,6” x 2,4”


SABMA sport – Freedom of woman

When did I sprout the wings? 
I am not sure
But I guess 
they have been there always
Just unrealised 
And now 
I am aware of their existence 
Within everyone
The wings of our souls
Unrestrained feathers
Hidden in heart

SABMA sport - bigger elegant timeless version of SABMA work.
SABMA work: 42 x 28 x 8 cm; 16,5“ x 11“ x 3,1“
SABMA sport: 52 x 35 x 9 cm; 20,5“ x 13,8“ x 3,5“



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